Jamie Alcock——暨南大学伯明翰大学联合学院副院长

发布单位:伯明翰大学联合学院 发布时间:2023-10-19

Jamie Alcock is the Professor of Mathematics and Finance at The University of Birmingham and leads the Financial Mathematics programme. He has previously held senior positions at The University of Oxford, The University of Sydney, The University of Cambridge, and at his alma mater The University of Queensland, Australia. He has also taught at several summer schools at Renmin University in Beijing, China and served as a Fellow of Downing College Cambridge.

Jamie's research explores the pricing and management of convexity in finance and real estate, with a particular interest in convex dependence structures. He has produced over forty refereed articles and has published across the full range of financial scholarship including Quantitative Finance (Lead Paper), the Review of Finance, The Journal of Futures Markets, The Journal of Banking and Finance, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Finance Research Letters, The Journal of International Money and Finance, Abacus, The Journal of Portfolio Management, among others.