J-BI festival night

Birmingham Joint Institute (J-BJI) held a Festive Night on December 20, 2017. Its purpose was to celebrate the time of year and also to showcase the talent of the students. The Dean of Jinan University - University of Birmingham Joint Institute, Prof. Wang Chunchao  and Deputy Dean of J-BJI, Li Qiong as well as lecturers of J-BJI attended Festive Night.

The event was such a great success that everyone present was caught up in the celebrating atmosphere, the show ignited the audience’s passion.

Members of J-BJI’s Student Union arrived at the hall long before the Festive Night began so they could finish their preparation in advance. The Student Union had sent out invitations to our teachers, presidents from other institutes and honored guests.

As was expected, the performance started at 7:00 p.m. At the beginning of the show, the Dean of J-BJI, Prof. Wang Chunchao delivered the opening speech to the audience, showing his great satisfaction to the Student Union for their great efforts in preparing the Festive Night. He also stated that he was content with the progress our institute had made in the last year, and he had great confidence in the Festive Night as well as the future of our institute.

HIP-HOP was first up for the night, and the energetic dancers attracted the audience with their strong moves.

A comic act followed the hot dance. Actors’ humorous speech brought endless joy to the hall. Well-prepared performances from different departments of the Student Union promoted the atmosphere to a pinnacle. In addition, students from four majors also gave fabulous performances. At the end of the show, the audience even went up to the stage and participated in a game organized by the emcees. All of us enjoyed ourselves in an atmosphere of happiness and easiness.

Dean of J-BJI, Prof. Wang Chunchao, Deputy Dean Li Qiong and lecturers, presented the trophies to the award winners of reading contest of Jinan University -  Jinan University of Birmingham Joint Institute. 

The Festive Night was unforgettable. While showing the uniqueness of our institute, we enhanced the cohesion among students and teachers. 

We could see a bright future of J-BJI, and everyone had a strong will to draw a perfect closure to the first term in J-BJI.