“We are delighted that you are considering studying with us at Jinan University-University of Birmingham Joint Institute.The Joint Institute presents a fantastic opportunity for talented students from across China to gain degrees from both Jinan University and the University of Birmingham. By studying one of our mathematics programmes on the Guangzhou campus, you will experience a British style education delivered by leading researchers from a global top 100 university.You will work closely with academics from the University of Birmingham in the UK who will teach you some of the same modules that our students in the UK also study.You will learn new ideas and advanced problem solving skills with an emphasis on thinking independently, working with others and communicating complex ideas clearly and logically in English.You will be able to interact with students from the School of Mathematics in the UK during student exchanges and summer schools.Studying with us at Jinan University-University of Birmingham Joint Institute will significantly broaden your educational experience and help you to develop the specialist knowledge and graduate skills that are so highly sought after by employers around the world.”


——暨南大学伯明翰大学联合学院外方院长 Chris Good